wheelchair heroes

Wheelchair Heroes was started to bring to the public eye those people who use wheelchairs but have learned to embrace it and life to the fullest.

Our Founder

scott lindsayScott Lindsay is the founder of Wheelchair Heroes. He has over 30 years of experience as a business owner and entrepreneur.  For the last 19 years he has been building websites and online communities where people can  come to find help. Whether it be business, money, or health related issues, Scott has built communities to answer those needs.

Scott has three children. Scott’s youngest child Matthew was born with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. Even though his son Matthew has these disabilities, it has not stopped him from becoming an amazing man.

Over the years Scott has met many many people who use wheelchairs but still have a great outlook on life. Says Scott, “These people have very difficult challenges but learn to live life to the fullest. I call these people ‘Wheelchair Heroes’ because although they have daily struggles, they push forward to live rich, incredible lives“.

This was the catalyst and driving force that caused Scott to start the “Wheelchair Heroes” site.

wheelchair heroes

Our Mission

The mission of Wheelchair Heroes is to feature stories of amazing people who use wheelchairs that have learned to embrace life and live their dreams.

It’s our hope that every story we feature on the site will inspire you to push through any obstacle that gets in your way to become all that you can be.

Our Head Writer And Medical Researcher

roseRose Kitchen is our lead writer on Wheelchair Heroes and does much of our research. She is a registered nurse with additional bachelor’s degrees in sociology and education. Rose has more than a decade of experience with nursing, medical research and medical writing. Her diverse career has provided her with extensive knowledge of multiple medical specialties from public health to genetics.

When she is not working, she volunteers in her community helping people with their social and health needs. She uses her education and experience as a nurse to aid people in finding the resources that they require to achieve a healthier and more stable life.

Rose is currently planning to begin her Master of Science and Nursing so that she can become a nurse practitioner. She plans to continue serving her community through this role.

wheelchair heroes

wheelchair heroes